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Hollow Decking
Hollow Decking

Application of WPC Hollow Decking

This installation of wood flooring, especially simple, and not be affected by the installation environment, how they want to install on how to install. These advantages are reflected in all the others parks, gardens, clubs, residential quarters, landscaping, bridges, docks and other places larger flow. WPC decking has brought is more modern, more fresh and elegant, it can have a fresh traditional wooden floor less than the effect.

Characteristics of WPC Hollow Decking

1. High density, high strength, clean, beautiful, service life is 10 times longer than that of ordinary wooden materials, can be 100% recycled.

2. Acid and alkali corrosion resistant, waterproof, anti-moth, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, can be used under open-air.

3. Can be recycled for second processing, can be saw, nailed, drilled and dig. No need to paint, the shape, color, size can all be adjusted as clients require.

Product Model